Railroad Track Inspections

Railroad Track Inspection

Certified Tru-Track™ railroad track inspections meet or exceed F.R.A. safety standards

Tru-Track™ Certified Railroad Track Inspection Services

BCR inspects your track for defects and anomalies using Tru-Track™ methodology, which meets or exceeds F.R.A. Track Safety Standards. Tru-Track™ includes an expert assessment and report detailing track and track component status. Bayou City Rail offers rrTrackMAN™ and rrBridgeMAN™ maintenance programs which keep you abreast of the relative status and maintenance needs of track and related components. Bayou City Rail is a respected full-service railroad contractor. We provide reliable cost estimates. The greatest benefit of our track inspection services is that of lower cycle-time which translates to less service disruption and headache.

Industrial and Private Track Inspections:

Bayou City Rail performs full track inspections of industrial tracks including plants, refineries, mills, industrial parks, distribution centers, and more. Deliverables include a detailed Tru-Track(TM) assessment report, suggested maintenance program, and estimated cost breakdown. Qualifications include the Roadway Worker Protection Title 214 rules. BCR offers rrTrackMAN™ and rrBridgeMAN™ annual maintenance and inspection programs designed to monitor and detect problems due to wear and other factors that disrupt operations. Proactive scheduled inspection and maintenance services ultimately reduce or eliminate unplanned disruption, accidents, and injuries that translate to smooth profitable rail operations.

Safety and Integrity

It is an unprecedented time of change for rail transportation in the USA. Shortline railroad operators have big tax incentives and other meaningful business reasons to upgrade their infrastructure to accommodate the burgeoning loads Class I Railroads are hauling. Metros and states across the land are funding rail construction and improvements for commerce and passengers are at a brisk pace too. There is a revival in the rail industry and Bayou City Rail is prepared to help you with your project.

It is the mission of Bayou City Rail to help you build and maintain your track the right way, with integrity, preserving safety and quality. Bayou City Rail is prepared with highly skilled teams, tools, experience, and knowledge to meet the challenge of any project at a high level of performance.


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